Upmarket tomorrow!

Preparations have been underway for the last few days for the Upmarket tomorrow.

We will be debuting Princess Aprons at the market tomorrow so come early to make sure your little princess does not miss out on one of these cute little aprons.

Princess apron

Princess apron


Look who got blogged?

You have to go over and check out this cute little blog: A little piece of pie.

Why?  Well, we met the lovely lady behind the blog at the Vamps and Vixen’s Vintage Fair at Fremantle recently and she blogged about our little stall. Check it out here.  It was indeed wonderful to have met a fellow blogger and that gave rise to an idea that I am cooking at the moment.  I’m not revealing anything yet as I’m trying to see if I can pull it off but I can give you this hint:  it involves, craft bloggers and what we do as crafters.  Stay tuned.

Market day



So market day had come and gone. It was an okay day. We’ve never been to a vintage market before so we didn’t know what to expect. I must admit that it was slower than what I had hoped for.

May have been because we were placed by the organisers in a little room away from the main flow of traffic. Not happy about that.


But our stall looked really pretty and we’ve figured out a great system for transporting and setting up. All valuable lessons for the big one: Upmarket.

We’ll see you there in June. Details closer to the date.

I have been working very hard with Top the Cupcake to bring you a truckload of goodies to feast your eyes and your taste buds.  There will be cupcakes (of course!), cakepops, aprons and PREVIEWING…a candy buffet.

Be sure to get there in time.  We sold out the last time we had a stall at Unwrapped markets.

Mini crafting

There has been a lot of crafting in the house.  Literally, our walls are covered with drawings and “stuff” the kids have made.  Of late, mini’s ability in crafting has been accelerating.  Her drawing ability has leap frogged, leaving me dumbstruck.  Here are some of the things she has been doing.

This is her doing some blot paintings and creating butterflies.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2

Step 2



Here are some examples of her drawings of late.  The first is a bunny with a bow in her ears and a polka dotted dress.  The second is a page from her recent holiday journal depicting her fishing.

mini's bunny


She has also grasped the concept of symbols.  This is evidence by a sign she put on her door.

Zac not allowed sign on mini's door

The sign, of course, means: No Zac allowed in her room.

Zac not allowed

I’ve been working on the styling of the dream apron of Top the Cupcake.

I used the cover of a 1950s McCall’s pattern as a base and did some simple, quick “photoshop”ping and “illustrator”ing on the image and produced this as a first quick draft of the intention of the styling.

You’ll see more of this image as I work on it further.
dream apron

Market day!

So Sunday came and went.  The experience was surreal really.  It was all rush rush rush throughout the day.  Rush to Angelo Street to set up.  We had buyers before the actual trading started while we were in the middle of decorating our stall!  There was a mad rush throughout the day with the crowd unceasing.  So much so that Tina, the cupcake extraordinaire behind Top the Cupcake, had to rush home to bake a second batch of cupcakes.  The cupcakes sold like hot cakes (forgive the pun) and so did the cake pops.  We generated a lot of interest in the aprons.  We modeled them, naturally.  A lady stopped me while I was prowling the other stalls for lovely handmade goods and said, “You’ll have the women’s lib on to you.  You are wearing that apron too proudly!”  She did love the apron and thought the tool belt idea coupled by the full 1950s skirt look was a fabulous combination.  We’ve had orders for some custom made ones already!  At the end of the day, we were tired to the bone.  BUT I think we enjoyed it very much!

Here are some photos of the day:
All set and ready to go

Tina, the cupcake extraordinaire

Look at those toppers!

The dream apron

This apron, the apron worn by Tina, generated a lot of interest.

It seems her stall was a great hit with the crowd and she’s been invited to set up stalls in other market events.  So look out for the Top the Cupcake stall at the next market event you attend!